Special Operations

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Relentless Special Operations

A division of Relentless Recovery provides national service specializing in the recovery of defaulted commercial equipment, commercial vehicles, aircraft, and watercraft, as well as dealership inventory moves.

Please contact the Relentless Special Ops Team to receive a quote for your specialized collateral today.

Relentless HD (Heavy Duty)

A division of relentless that maintains highly specialized focus on recovery of defaulted commercial CDL trucks, heavy equipment, marine vessels, and aircraft. Relentless HD can also facilitate aircraft and dealership inventory moves.

Relentless Resolutions

A division of Relentless that provides in-depth skip tracing and collateral location services. The Relentless Resolutions team combines human expertise with cutting edge technology to locate and recover defaulted collateral when standard options have failed. Skip tracing and collateral location services are available to Relentless Recovery customers as an additional service or to non-customers as a stand alone service.

Services of this division are available to client organizations currently utilizing Relentless Standard Recovery services as well as non-client organizations solely in need of collateral location expertise.


Transporting and selling your vehicle at a separate auction can be expensive, especially with rising fuel costs. Save time and money by allowing Relentless to liquidate your collateral in-house.

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