Over the last decade, Relentless has perfected our three-sided approach that consistently produces highly effective results. It is an important aspect of Relentless Recovery’s culture and is one of the primary reasons that we maintain such a prominent reputation with our clients, and the collateral recovery industry.

Relentless Recovery has a tried and true method for recovering vehicles.

How It Works

Orders are received through RDN or, if faxed, immediately entered into RDN.

Initially the account executives run Ohio BMV plate acquisition, non-published phone search, phone reversal, public records search and paid database search for most current address. The results are applied to the case updates.

Immediately after opening the account, the plate is run against Relentless’ scanned plate database . The results are applied as additional addresses to run.

Based on the given addresses location, the account is assigned. The agents, equipped with laptops, instantly receive their orders through the RDN network anywhere in the state.

Agents run all possible addresses within 24 hours, supplying updates through RDN as they investigate each address. If the vehicle is not located initially, Relentless Recovery’s skip team is assigned to the account. Throughout the process, if a DRN vehicle scans the collateral in the eld, a truck is immediately dispatched to secure.

This process drastically reduces average days to repossession and leads to our high repossession rates!

Helping You Reduce Additional Losses & Convert Your Collateral Back To Performing Assets.