About Relentless Recovery
Our mission is to achieve the highest possible level of excellence in all that we do; To do it safely, efficiently and within legal due process. Everyday we do it better than the day before.

Meet Relentless Recovery, Your Collateral Recovery Professionals


Relentlessly pursue excellence in our craft.
To do so respectfully, safely and within the law, while empowering, and investing in the members of our team.
By learning as much as we can, from every success and failure.
To change and grow with the world around us while maintaining a culture firmly rooted in respect and integrity.
Through collaboration & cooperation fully leveraging Relentless’most valuable asset, it’s unique, diverse human components.
In this manner, we Relentless will succeed together.


Strategically located throughout the state of Ohio, We are continuously positioning ourselves to reach your collateral quickly while providing convenient access to your customers and collateral remarketing vendors.


Our fleet has grown to more than 30 wreckers all of which are formatted to provide damage free towing every time. Relentless is a proud partner of the Digital Recognition Network and are currently operating over 20 dedicated camera cars that are equipped with state of the art DRN license plate recognition systems.

We Provide Highly Effective Results


All members of the Relentless Collateral Recovery Team are highly trained specialists, certified in their profession & vetted by the VTS. We provide every team member continuous industry training. We are one of the best teams in the nation with the recovery rates to prove it.


Relentless Recovery is proud to be a member of the American Recovery Association (ARA), C.A.R.S. certified and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We perform in a manner that reduces liability & client exposure, supported by our nearly flawless 15 year track record.


When lenders partner with Relentless Recovery, not only are the contracting a best-in-class recovery service, they are also investing in a safer future for the repossession industry. Relentless sets the bar in compliance, professionalism & liability reduction.